7 important rules when it comes to books

book rules

I read a lot. I love everything about books. I collect them, re-read them and give them as gifts. Here are my important rules or guidelines when it comes to books.

Books as gifts

Books make excellent gifts. Whenever I give a book as a gift, I always date it and write something on the inside cover. One of my favourites has to be when I got my friend Lauren a Harry Potter book. I was in the very powerful position of having read all of them and knowing who dies. Lauren hates spoilers. I started to write the sentence “So guess who dies in this book? Jokes”. It was the initial fear that I liked the most. I never told. I’m not that much of a dick.

Non fiction during the day

I am obsessed with trivia and finding out how things work. I love a book that makes me look at the world differently and reconsider how I have been doing things. Non fiction books tick all of the above. My favourite app for staying up to date on the latest studies, thoughts and facts, is to use an app called Blinkist. This gives you a summary of all of the important non fiction books. You can also copy and paste notes. The free version gives you a book a day, but if you pay for the year, you get unlimited access. I think this is the only app that I have actually paid for.

Fiction at night before bed

Put your cellphone away. No one needs to play one more game or see what’s happening on Twitter before bed. Half an hour before bed, stop staring at a screen and pick up a book. Get a book that allows you to use your imagination. A page turner that you can’t stop reading.

Audiobooks for long road trips or for doing chores

Audiobooks are perfect for long road trips or to listen to while doing chores, such as cleaning the house or sorting out your room. I listened to Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls by David Sedaris, and it made cleaning really fun.

Just say no to ebook readers

I have yet to join the digital revolution when it comes to reading. For the first time since ereaders came out, book sales actually beat ebook sales. Amazon has recently opened a bookstore and closer to home, Exclusive Books has revamped their flagship store in Hyde Park. I went there a few days ago and I could honestly spend days in that store. I love the feeling of a book, the cover designs, buying cool bookmarks (my current favourite are my magnetic Scooby Doo ones) and the way they look on the bookshelf.

I think a person’s library says a lot about someone. Firstly it lets you know if they are a reader, and if they are, it lets you know more about them.

One of my favourite artists, John Waters, has some amazing advice.

If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t f&%$ them. – John Waters

Bookstores are a happy place

I can spend hours in a book shop. In Taiwan, they had a four storey 24 hour bookstore called Eslite. And it was amazing. You would discover new books, obscure books, any kind of books.

I took a trip to the centre of town and visited the largest book store in Southern Africa. It is a second hand bookstore and there are so many books that they tower over you and create a book labrynth. It took me a couple of hours to browse through the collection.

I also love The Book Place. Second hand books are great places to find good books at great prices. I have also found some gems. I think Bill Bryson’s African Diary is one of my greatest achievements. I had no idea he had even written that book.

Estoril books has the best YA novel section, and is the perfect place for me to find the latest books for my YA novel addiction. When We Were Liars has to be my favourite to date. You’ll binge read this book and the ending will shock you.

Reader’s Warehouse has great bargain bin sales, and Happyslapped By A Jellyfish by Karl Pilkinton was my best find. It was only R20 and provided hours of laughter.

Collect different editions of the same book

I do this with Alice in Wonderland. It is one of my favourite books and has the best editions. The illustrations are always amazing. I’ve read this book more times than I can remember, and I never get tired of reading it. Especially if it is a different edition.

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