Awesome Animal: the best animal collective nouns

So I don’t even remember how I started this obsession, but I’m totally obsessed with learning obscure collective nouns. Here are the best animal collective nouns with handy mnemonics so you too can remember them.

Top 8 Obscure Animal Collective Nouns

1. A candle of tapirs

C’mon baby light my fire

2. A buffoon of orangutans

Stop acting like a baffoon

3. An armoury of aardvarks

With these claws, who needs armour?

4. A bed of sloths

Just chilling

5. A blessing of unicorns

Consider it a blessing if you see more than one ‘corn

6. A bask of crocodiles

Crocadiliacs like basking in the sun

7. A bloat of hippos

Who you calling bloated?

8. A gaze of raccoons

Look into my eyes…

8. A wisdom of wombats

Come here wise guy
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