5 Awesome Things version 1.0

Here is my roundup of 5 awesome things.

1. The Game of Thrones theme song is  amazing. When I hear this, I know it is time. I put my phone away and focus on the screen. My eyes light up and I get excited for what is to come. Have you ever wondered what the story behind the epic  theme music is, then check it out here. This podcast explains it all. 

2. What I like to call Quote Candy, gets me through a lot of stuff. It makes me realise that I should calm down and all is well. Muokkaa Studio has created a series of lovely posters by famous people. My favourite of the bunch, being the one below:


3. So what did you do this weekend? I met an old friend for coffee, went to a friend’s house for chicken khorma and games and read. Well this is how the most successful people in the world spend their weekends. And I think you will be plesantly surprised.

4. Here’s a fun fact: Jurassic Park is over 20 years old. In my mind it still feels like a kind of new movie. The theme tune is amazing and this acapella version is the best:

5. And an awesome comic that never gets old. It is still funny.

cyanide and happiness


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