DIY Mug Art: make your own animal nose mugs

I’ve always had a thing for mugs and tea cups. There is something so satisfying about finding the perfect cup. Although the definition of the perfect cup tends to change depending on my mood and the beverage. I have a huge collection of mugs and a pinterest board dedicated to the cause. And because I love crafting, I decided to try DIY mug art.

When I saw these mugs on the interweb, I knew that I wanted to make my own. I usually look at things and think “I can make that”. So after getting my DIY mug ideas, I decided to get crafting.

DIY mug art - animal nose mugs
An animal nose mug provides endless fun for onlookers each time you take a sip.

How to make your own animal nose mugs

You will need:

Mugs of your choice (I chose white as the colours will stand out more)

Ceramic markers

Now do this:

Make sure you draw your noses so that when someone is drinking, onlookers can see the nose the right way up.

Draw your animal noses. I like pigs, so I drew a snout. I mean what’s funnier than a pig snout. I then drew a rabbit’s nose, as this is quite easy to do.

Bake the mugs at 180CĀ for 30 minutes, so that the markers can set.

DIY mug art - make our own animal nose mugs
As easy as 1,2,3. Buy mugs, draw animal noses, bake for 30 minutes and voila.
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