The Ultimate Christmas Movie List

Christmas is a time to hang out with family and friends, eat until you are in a food coma and relax. I love watching movies and each year at Christmas I indulge in my childhood tradition of watching Christmas movies. Here is my ultimate Christmas movie list.
The Muppet Christmas Carol
When we were little my aunt, uncle and gran moved to England. The year that they moved, they sent us a Christmas box filled with amazing goodies from across the pond. One such treat was The Muppet Christmas Carol video. My sibling and I watched this movie countless times and even use quotes from the movie in our everyday communication. I must admit that this movie is the only reason why I know the plot of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol and was able to impress my English teacher back in high school.
Watch this because: great songs, funny one liners and MUPPETS!
The Nightmare before Christmas
I’m a sucker for anything by Tim Burton and The Nightmare before Christmas is one of his best. It’s not your average festive season movie but fun to watch because it is gloriously weird.
Watch this because: Tim Burton.
the ultimate list of festive season movies
Buddy the elf lands up in the real world and hilarity ensues. Some of my favourite quotes include: Buddy: You stink. You smell like beef and cheese! You don’t smell like Santa.
Buddy: You sit on a throne of lies!
Watch this because: funny one liners, gets you into the Christmas spirit.
The Grinch
Similar to Elf, this movie is funny because of the one liners (for adults and kids) and the Grinch’s mannerisms.
The Grinch: BRILLIANT! You reject your own nose because it represents the glitter of commercialism. Why didn’t I think of that? Cut, print, check the gate, moving on.
Watch this because: you will laugh and love the festive season.
Home Alone
My sibling and I were raised Catholic and as such had to attend Midnight Mass. For those that don’t know this is where you attend mass at midnight just before Christmas. We would always watch Home Alone with my dad and after the movie go to sleep for two hours, only to be woken up, dressed up in our nativity scene gear and sleepily taken to church. Afterwards we would get back, climb into bed and only have to sleep for about five hours before we could wake our parents up so that we could open our presents.
Watch this because: brings back childhood memories and really funny slapstick comedy.
And finally a piece of Americana. When I spent my first Christmas in Taiwan with my American roommates they introduced me to A Christmas Story. It is an American staple at Christmas and they even have a channel that plays it on repeat.
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