5 Books to Read this Holiday Season

Black Friday came and went. And why would you argue do we celebrate this day in South Africa? So that we can get really good deals and buy stuff. That’s why. 
I was quite excited for these sales because I am an avid book reader and collector, and bargains excite me. I managed to buy most of the books on this list for half the price. Win win. Here are my suggestions for great books to read this holiday season. 

A YA Novel for teens and adults alike – PAPER TOWNS
A business book with a difference – THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE
A can’t put this book down page turner – ADULTERY 
The biography that will make you laugh – SO, ANYWAY…
A book for people who liked The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time  – WHAT MILO SAW
Bonus – for me Christmas would not be the same without reading Madam & Eve. Memories of chilling on the lilo and reading the entire book while getting sun kissed. Since then I’ve become older, I also enjoy Zapiro and My Name is Jerm. Keep it local.

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