13 Alternative Christmas Trees

So the Festive Season is around the corner and if I go by shopping mall decorations, I should have already posted this in October. Here are a few alternatives to the beloved Christmas tree. And why would you need an alternative? Well if you’re like me, I will be out in the mountains and that calls for an alternative to the Christmas tree. 

If you have spare space on your wall add some washi tape

Washi tape makes everything better. There are so many different colours and variations and best of all if you mess up, just pull it off and start again. Click here if you would like to get your hands on some lovely washi tape.

Paper Craft Trees

Get your paper crafting on with these easy to assemble trees. Instead of one tree, why not create a tree curtain by sewing paper strips together? Get the whole family involved with an origami tree . Use decorated paper for a more dramatic effect or plain paper and decorate it afterwards. For a mini tree use buttons to decorate and any one cut up paper into strips. Finally create strips of paper, glue or staple them together to create a chain.

Something for every one 

 Use your Christmas cards to create a tree or create an advent calendar. For the foodie, bake some festive cookies and arrange them in a tree shape. If said foodie is on a diet, use fruit or veggies to do the same. For book lovers, grab all of your summer reads and stack them up. (If you’ve joined the e-reader generation, then this is not for you). And finally for the wine connoisseur collect, those corks. Giving you a reason to try out new wines.

And if all else fails…

Grab a branch and make it your own.


The first decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia in 1510.

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