Time to unplug and read

So recently I’ve taken up a little social experiment. I try and switch off from the digital world after 8. That means no twitter before bed. I really think the medium affects our brains and I wanted to see if I would sleep better and read more real books.
Although I work in the digital space and love spending time online, I really think it is important to unplug. See @AriannaHuff and her book #Thrive for awesome tips (which I got via Twitter). I don’t always stick to this but since I have started, I’ve managed to read more and experience the thrill of having to finish a book to see what happens. That doesn’t really happen when you read Twitter.
Here are my two Young Adult (YA) novels I read last week which I highly recommend.
This book sounds weird and it is, but in a glorious way. It tells the tale of Nobody Owens, or Bod as he is affectionately known, who grows up in a graveyard among the dead.  As the book progresses, Bod has some great adventures and the reason his family were killed is revealed. A definite must read with great quotes like the one above.

Markus Zusak is best known for The Book Thief, and this is his YA novel. I remember always seeing this book among one of the few English books in my small Taiwanese town bookstore. I always read the back  but never bought it. I found this copy in my favourite second hand bookstore and once again it piqued my interest. It was as Jimmy Carr jokes, a page turner. (Yeah, I know how a book works.) An underage cab driver is sent an Ace with addresses on it and has to figure out how to help those people that live at those addresses. The plot thickens and it keeps you guessing until the end.


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