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Whenever I have to use a post it I always think of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, where she claims to have invented post its and everyone knows 3m did.  
Allow to me digress and share a little factoid: Post its were invented by accident when a scientist was trying to invent super strong glue but instead came up with a sticky tac type of glue that could be reused. 
The humble post it is an integral part of office life. Here are my 5 favourite post it related things. 

1. The Post It Pillow
So you wake up every morning but still forget to take that thing to work with you? Well forget no more. Also handy to remind your significant other to do stuff.
2. Better than a piece of string
This way you can see what you need to do and you won’t forget because there will be something around your wrist. #ForgetMeNot

3. Post it art is awesome
Marc Johns is an artist and post its are his canvas. See more by clicking on the image.
4. More art and yes this is still art
The post it is the medium. Created by Russell Ellbert, this took 14,000 Post-it notes. You can make your post it art here >>> post it art creator
5.  Stop motion baby
The patent for post its expired in 1990.

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