Watch this: The Lego Movie

Last weekend, after a games night that got rather out of hand, I was meeting up with my buddy Les. I was super slow but functioning. Up until Les mentioned the movie, I hadn’t really heard much about it or seen much coverage. Don’t get me wrong I love Lego (who doesn’t) and even have a Lego Snape keyring. 

We had pre booked tickets and the only queue we had to endure was for our popcorn and coke. Recently I have been plagued by undisciplined kids and their parents who do nothing. I was pleasantly surprised when a grandmother returned the small Slushy because “That’s a small? You know how much sugar is in that and I’ve got to let these kids sit still. They’ll be begging me to go to the loo”. I nodded approvingly. Although I don’t have any offspring of my own, I did teach children from the ages of 2 to 16 for four years and know a thing or two about discipline. 
The movie is brilliant. We caught a 16.45 show and although we were surrounded by children, you could see the adults were enjoying the movie too. There are so many one-liners and different layers to appeal to all. If you would like a laugh this long weekend then pre book your tickets and go watch The Lego Movie. 
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