Postcrossing – it’s not what it sounds like

My roommate first introduced me to Ideas magazine, and since then it’s been on my must buy list. Last month, the cover caught my eye as did the freebies. Each mag came with six beautifully illustrated postcards.
ideas magazine march 2014
The idea is that you sign up on postcrossing and get given a profile of a person to write to. The joy of a postcard is that you have to keep the message short and the type of postcard you send is part of the message. I signed up and got given a teenager living in Russia. I kept my message short and sweet and of course had to draw my signature sk8erg8er. I shall continue to do this.
sk8er g8er
This is a sk8er g8er and was invented during my days at university. This particular specimen was drawn in Hong Kong outside the panda enclosure. Everyone was writing messages to save the panda, I decided not to. Such a rebel like that.
I sent my new Russian postcrossing friend a postcard from the Ideas magazine. I got to experience the South AFfican postal service and the inefficiency of the lunch time service. Two people stormed out, one dropped the f bomb and another kept on repeating the same story over and over. She had stood in the wrong queue for over an hour and was making it everyone’s problem. 

Keen to add to my postcard collection, I headed to Exclusive Books and they had a sale. I collect books and am constantly buying them even when I reach the end of the month Salty Crack stage. I found a Where’s Wally postcard book for only R40. 
I got a response today that my postcard had arrived. It reached its destination in 27 days after traveling 8,581 km! Now I wait in anticipation for mine. 
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