Mosaic: make your own jewellery holder

I love to craft. Anytime that I can sit down and get lost in crafting, I am happy. My sibling knows this all too well and got me an awesome DIY mosaic kit for my birthday. After spending the better part of four months on my desk, I decided to finally open it up while binge watching Suits. 
diy mosaic
I found it very therapeutic (could also have been the red wine) and decided to try some more. A few years before, while writing my thesis, I tried my hand at mosaic. I had a lot of time on my hands, and made a photo frame. It came out pretty well and sits on my mom’s bookshelf. I then tried to make coasters for my dad, and when I gave them to him, and said I made them, he said “I can see that”. That was the end of my mosaic. 
On a Saturday, I was running errands like grown ups do, when I decided to stop at the hardware store to get nails. I wondered around after at least three people asked if they could help – I must’ve had that helpless rookie look about me – when I discovered a mosaic studio. JACKPOT. 

Make your own jewellery holder
Wood board of your choice * Mosaic tiles (I liked red, mirror & gold) * Wood glue * Tile cutter *Grout *Hooks
  • Smear the wood glue on the wood board
  • Cut the tiles with the tile cutter
  • Place the tiles on the glue
  • Once covered, mix your grout & smear
  • Allow to dry & then wash off excess grout
  • Add the hooks
diy mosaic jewellery holder bird
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