Recipe Book: make your own

I only learned to cook when I moved into digs with a group of my friends in my 3rd  year of university. To give you an indication my cooking skills before – a recipe I was making at home called for “frozen spinach”. I went to the veg garden, grabbed some spinach, put it in a plastic bag and threw it in the freezer. My mom went to get something from the freezer and asked “What the hell is this?”, I explained and my entire family packed out laughing. I have never lived that moment down. 

Once moving into digs, my friends and I cooked all the time and even harvested mullberries from the neighbour’s garden to make a pie. I was on lookout duty. After varsity I moved to Taiwan. My new roomies and I went to a concert and got a free book. My friend Lauren suggested making a recipe book out of it, and that is how this one was born. 
Current DIY Recipe Book

My new Recipe Journal

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