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Every once in a while, a local South African movie will come out which everyone says “you have to see”. Past movies include Totsi and District 9. I’m usually apprehensive about watching these movies, but am always pleasantly surprised. 
The first thing we all noticed was the quality. It’s weird how we always expect South African produced films and videos to be bad. I am here to assure you that quality wise this is right up there with our American counterparts. 
The story is about Cassim (played by Riaad Moosa) who works in his father’s fabric store by day and unbeknown to his family as a comedian by night. It is a funny heartwarming story and even though there are some real sad moments, it is more of a comedy. Joey Rasdeen is awesome with his one liners.
“Natalie has one leg and she can swim straight” (while out on a boat at Zoo Lake)
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Fun Fact: IMDB has given it 7/10. Yes it’s that good. 
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