Get some culcha: Jozi Shore

Hi. My name is Jade and I like watching trashy reality TV shows. I got into Jersey Shore a while ago and was introduced to people who GTL (gym, tan & laundry) use words like DTF (down to f%^k) and get drunk a lot. 
Jersey Shore
After this I found it it was not just an American thang, there was something across the Ocean in Europe called a Geordie and yes it had a shore. 
Geordie Shore

They have a similar code but getting to understand their lingo took a while. There was some parts that I had to rewind because I had no idea what they had just said. “Tashing on” means to kiss someone and if you would like to become educated in the lingo that is Geordie, go here.

Enter Jozi Shore
It was a great day when I watched Jozi Shore on the YouTube machine.

Jozi Shore 2
One of my favourite lines ever “Poetics”
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