Michael McIntyre live in South Africa

“I feel like Rod Riguez” said Michael McIntyre as he walked onto the stage at the Coca Cola Dome to a sold out concert.  “Really, I had no idea you knew who I was.”

 My sibling first introduced me to Micheal McIntyre when I arrived back from Taiwan. I had kind of shut myself off to that kind of thing. I watched one of his live DVDs and couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through. He has a knack for pointing out the obvious and in doing so is hilarious.

If you’ve never heard of him, watch the clip below and you’ll see what I mean. 

Michael McIntyre on Idiot Drivers
When my sister told me that he was coming to South Africa, I had to check the internet to see if it was for real yo. It was. For. Real. Yo. We immediately booked tickets – the cheapest, which were not so cheap, but turned out to be an awesome place to sit. 
The evening started off with some music blaring through the speakers, the kind you would expect to hear on a NOW compilation. It was ok, but when they played the same songs twice, it became a bit much. Anyway moving on.
A comedian walked onto the stage, who was NOT Michael McIntyre and I am sure he could sense the disappointment, because he said “Don’t worry. Mike will be on soon.” For the first few minutes he wasn’t really funny, but then he was hilarious. They know how to make comedians in the UK. He did a skit where he ripped on his teenage son, and wow was I thankful that neither of my parents were comedians. He was brutal, but funny. 
Time for an interval and of course some more NOW That’s What I Call Music. When Michael McIntyre walked onto the stage, the crowd went mental, myself included. And Michael McIntyre couldn’t get over the fact that this was the largest audience a comic had performed in front of in the whole country (continent) of Africa. 
His show was hilarious. He performed some well known skits from his previous DVDs but my favourite part was when he would do his South African accent and make South African jokes. He pointed out that in England, when they have roadworks, the just have a sign that says roadworks. Over here we have an actual person waving a flag. I laughed from start to finish. 
About half way through, a buzzer went off. McIntyre didn’t skip a beat, “Come in.” He asked if this was like a reality show, where you get three beeps and you’re voted off. At the end of the show we all clapped loudly and were hoping for an encore. The applause died down a bit and eventually McIntyre came back on. 
“Don’t do that to me! Why did you stop clapping?” It was question time, and as usual drunk South Africans didn’t fail to disappoint. They walked right up to the stage and fired away. At once point, McIntyre’s supposed South African doppleganger, did the famous Micheal McIntyre skip and that’s when the crowd went wild. “You only want to see my skip? You do know I have just done an entire comedy show right?” Oh South Africa. 
Big up to Comedy Central Africa. I hope the success of this show, not only brings Micheal McIntyre back but brings other big names too. I’m hoping for Ricky Gervais. 
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