Peppermint tart recipe

peppermint crisp tart
Over the weekend, I had some friends over for a late lunch. We sat outside in the warm winter sun, drank amazing vino and laughed a lot. I made a Thai Curry (my specialty) and a peppermint tart for dessert. This dessert is super easy to make, sets pretty quickly and is delicious.
Peppermint Tart
 Whip 250ml of cream. Being careful not to over whip.
 Add one can of treat. Looks gross doesn’t it?
 Carefully mix the cream and treat (caramel) together.
 Grate some peppermint crisp chocolate into the mixture and stir.
 Crush up a few tennis biscuits into your dish and add about a tablespoon of melted butter. You can make this as thin or thick as you like.
 Pour the cream mixture into your bowl over the biscuit base.
Grate some more chocolate over the top for decoration and taste. Place in the fridge for about an hour and then it will be ready to serve.
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