Dinner with friends

Last night I went to a friend for dinner. The food was amazing and a good evening was had by all. What I want to focus on is one of perhaps the most ridiculous but what I find to be extremely funny quotes that emerged at the dinner table. 
My sibling is currently completing her articles at a patent law firm and we were trying to come up with ideas that we could patent. She kept on shooting them down, because apparently there are a lot of misconceptions around what can be patented and what can not. Among all this we learned that you cannot take two ideas and combine them to make a new one. None of that hippie the whole is greater than the sum of its parts stuff. So our idea of McSteers or MacStears would not fly. Especially on the trade mark side. We then enquired if you could just work for one firm as a patent attorney, but that would lead to a conflict of interest. And that is where the most ridiculous quote ever emerged. True story. 
Happy Friday dudes. Have a wonderful weekend. 
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