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So last week while I was perusing the Twittersphere, I came across an awesome competition. All I had to do was retweet and I could stand a chance to win two tickets to watch The Hobbit, courtesy of NuMetro. Well I won (so happy) and it was only once I received the invite that I actually realized how awesome the prize was. 
It was held at Monte Casino and upon arrival we got awesome green Hobbit 3D glasses and a goodie bag. The goodie bag consisted of the Lord of the Rings trilogy DVD, which I am so excited about because this is what I will be doing on my day off. They gave us our wristbands and we headed up to the VIP area. 
We were greeted by some super friendly people who had amazing drinks on offer, including some delicious organic wine. My friend and I were running late and were upset that we had not had a chance to eat some dinner before, but there was no need. Canapes translated into bowls of the best Thai curry ever, delicious finger snacks, a cup cake tower, cheese board and best of all the beef. Who’s got the beef? They did. 
After gorging ourselves on scrumptious treats, we headed to the cinema and were treated to even more food: popcorn and juice. Once seated comfortably, I learned that this premier was a world first. You see Peter Jackson had filmed The Hobbit in High Frame Rate (HFR) in 3D. What this means is that you see more images per second. Instead of the industry standard which is 24, you see 48 pictures per second. And it is amazing. 
My review

I give The Hobbit: an unexpected journey 5 out of 5 rings. Usually with long movies, you lose interest and keep on checking the time, but with The Hobbit I was glued to the screen. The scenes are beautifully shot and the characters are interesting. You get really involved in the story line and the fight scenes are some of the best I have ever seen. There were even times when I would put up my hand to cover my face, it looked that real. I can’t wait for the sequels. 
A special thanks to NuMetro for this awesome prize. What an awesome evening. 
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