It’s a kind of magic…

Dynamo : magician wizard

Have you heard of Dynamo? He has an awe some show called Magician Impossible on Discovery. You have to see it to believe it. Usually when you watch the likes of Criss Angel or David Blaine, you can figure out the trick, but with Dynamo it is impossible. 

Watch and be amazed….

He also does things like levitate, walk down buildings and make it impossible for you to pick him up. Using the YouTube machine, I found this video that reveals his Matrix trick. 
The trick revealed….

I still think he is awesome though and a cut above the rest. He also has a book out, but when I discovered it all of them were sold out. Can’t wait to read it. 
“Illusion Michael, a trick is something a whore does for money” – G.O.B on Arrested Development 

ps: Thanks to my friend who coined the term wizard in relation to Dynamo. So apt. 
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