Fro Yo For Your Face

This weekend my buddy and I decided that we would like some frozen yoghurt and Wakaberry came highly recommended. We went to the one in Lonehill and were not disappointed. I was surprised at how large the shop was, but once we were inside I understood why. You get to serve yourself and there are not just a few flavors there are over ten! 
The interactive fro yo experience is awesome, but I suspect many parents were not too happy when their little bundles of joy decided that they wanted a mountain of frozen yoghurt. The bowls are all the same size, but I think that you could easily fit in about half a kilo of fro yo delicisouness. I decided to have a taste of every flavor, and began adding swirls of Wakaberry to my tub. My buddy decided that vanilla and a smidgeon of banana would suffice. 
After this excitement you get to choose your toppings. There is everything you could ever want for a topping. From oreos, to brownies, gummy worms and even fruit. They have it all. I stuck with my previous game plan and added a tiny bit of everything. Well almost everything. We placed our tubs on the scale and paid. We decided to sit down and enjoy our treats. 
It was really funny to watch how after the kids had filled their tubs to the brim with fro yo, how they then tried to add some toppings. The parents would be giving them their options and they would ask for each one. The best flavor by far was peanut butter!  I can’t wait for the next time I have an excuse to eat  some of this again. 

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