Quiz Night at Hooter’s

So the first time I went to the fine establishment of Hooter’s, it happened to be quiz night. Some of the questions were rather challenging, as is to be expected, but we still managed to come second. It was a proud moment. 
The highlight of that evening would have to be when the group didn’t know what answer one team member was referring to and because I was the scribe he was dictating the spelling to me. “n-i-g-g-e-r”. I looked at him in disbelief. I asked him to spell it again. “n-i-g-g-e-r” Yup, that is what he had said. “I’m not writing that! You write it.” So he wrote it, and just as he saw it on paper he realized what he had written. He had meant “Niger”, the African country. Ha ha. That moment reminds me so much of this South Park. 
So we decided to try our hand at another Quiz Night and it was just not the same. Fun but for different reasons. I have compiled a list to explain why. 
1. The usual quiz master was sick with food poisoning, so they sent his replacement who was more interested in handing out shots and asking people to “give me a cigarette”. 
2. The new quiz master would ask the audience if the questions were too difficult and change them. An example being What is a ploughman’s lunch? Really?
3. Googling is not allowed. I saw a team Googling incessantly and was so going to bust them. That was until I saw what answers they had produced when we swopped sheets to mark them. Google away. Also their team name was Drunk Idiots and it kind of became a self fulfilling prophecy. My favorite was the spelling of The Hobbit as Hobbet. 
4. When swopping sheets, the Drunk Idiots asked “How do you guys know so much stuffs?” 
5. We came third. Apparently the team that are there every week won. 
Next time we are going to try The Keg. Apparently it attracts a more older crowd. 😛
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