Movie Monday: The Witches

A while ago my friend Kate and I decided that we wanted to watch The Witches. We were talking about how scary it was and how we hadn’t seen it since we were kids. Kate went to her local video store (you know you’re old when you call a DVD store a video store) and the guy didn’t have it, but expressed his excitement and approval of us wanting to watch it. I also tried to find it, but alas nothing. I asked my buddy who has uncapped internet if I could download it, and that’s how we got our copy.
Here is the trailer 
Even as we sat on the couch, mouthes full of pop corn, we were a bit scared. Anjelica Houston, the Grand High Witch is scary! And who knew that Rowan Atkinson played the hotel manger. All in all it was awesome to see this movie again, and even though some of the special effects were super 1990, I have no idea how my parents let me watch this at age 6. 
Watch the movie now read the book

Of course only Roald Dahl could come up with something like this. 

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