Halloween Roundup

When I used to teach, Halloween was an important event in my life. The kids would dress up, the teachers had to dress up and there would be some activity (usually a fashion show) and of course trick or treating. Now, not so much. 
I got home late from work and decided it was time to read my literary meth. Two years ago I discovered the Twilight novels, last year Vampire Academy and this year The House of Night. I think it’s become a tradition. I will take about two weeks to get through the series, where I sleep for about two hours a night while still functioning at work just so that I can find out what happens. The end result is always the same, when I have no more books to read I feel a gaping hole. 
I should get a Kindle so that I won’t have to hide the cover when I read these books in public. 
After some intellectual reading I saw that The Devil’s Advocate was on. I have never watched this and thought that then would be a good time to do so. It kept me interested until the rather infernal ending. 
Kevin Lomax: What are you?
John Milton: Oh, I have so many names…
Kevin Lomax: Satan.
John Milton: Call me Dad. 

And finally: so a friend said that while he was driving through a rather wealthy neighborhood in Johannesburg, he saw all the domestic workers out at the front gates dressed up as witches with buckets of candy. The kids were wandering from gate to gate trick or treating. I wonder what the parentals were up to? Only in South Africa! 

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