A cheap(skate) way of life

Since sites like Groupon have taken off, people are cottoning on to the idea that we don’t have to pay full price for things. I love watching shows like Extreme Couponing and wish that we had something like this South Africa. I mean you can get a whole garage full of name brand soda for free. Sure you could never get through of all that in your lifetime, but the point is you didn’t have to pay for it.  In some cases the couponer even gets cash back. Oh to live in a society like that….
Enter Checkers. 
Checkers now have a smart phone coupon app. Yes, that is correct. We can now have Extreme Smartphone Couponing. Who needs files and files of coupons, all that cutting, all that hard work? Even going to a touchscreen and printing out coupons seems a schlep, now you just need to add a smartphone and the app. I can’t wait to try this out and best of all it is not one of those apps that are only available for iPhones and Android…get this it is also available for Blackberry. Now that’s what I call innovative. 
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