Reading List: 3 books you should read now

I’m the kind of person that will be reading five books at once. I love reading and am a compulsive book collector. A good day for me is when I spend hours in a bookstore. It is one of my happy places. 
Spud 4 Exit: Pursued by a Bear

The final book in the Spud series promises to be just as good as the rest. I am only about a quarter of the way through it though because my Mom came to visit, started to read it and then took it back home with her where Rex, the family dog decided to eat the cover. The book was then returned to me and I haven’t had the heart to start reading it again with said mauled cover. But I think everyone should read it. 
When I found out that there was a Spud 4 I walked into my favorite book store and excitedly (read loudly) asked “I wonder if they have the new Spud book?” As soon as the words left my mouth I was stared in the face by 100 copies of Spud 4, as well as three assistants who were showing me where the books were. Yes they had the new Spud book. 
Louis Theroux: Weird Weekends

I first watched the series about a year ago and was immediately hooked. I like watching weird stuff that is just so normal to some. Case in point being National Geographic’s Taboo. I found the book at my favorite bookstore and just had to get it. Theroux is a journo and his writing is excellent, I felt like I was watching one of his documentaries. I am only half way through because I am easily distracted, but when I start reading this it is definite page turner. 
Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade

One of the first things I do when I go into someone’s house is check out their bookshelf. If they don’t have one, I see this as a warning sign. Last weekend I was housesitting with a friend at a house that has an amazing library. An entire wall of their living room is covered with books. I was in my element. Being a Sunday I decided to go for something light hearted and found this gem, Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade by Guy Browning. 
I took it outside with me and sat by the pool. Hilarity ensued. I thought it would be more of a practical book but it was just humorous. He provides answers to questions such as What are the consequences of hitting a jellyfish with a spade? Should you cross your bridge when someone else is burning it? In a monogamous relationship is it morally acceptable to tuck your side of the duvet in? And to answer the question in the title, well you just need to read the book*. That just happened. 

*Why would you want to hit a jellyfish you freak? But seriously, it’s because you run the risk of splattering some of those microscopic stinging tentacles on yourself. The neurotoxin in the stingers (and the stingers themselves) remain toxic for a very long time after the jellyfish dies.
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