Awesome Animal: The Capybara

So what has guinea pigs and chinchillas as cousins, likes to swim, can be walked on a leash and has chompers that you would never ever want to come into contact with? Let me introduce you to the capybara. 

This Capybara just be chilling with a bird.
I only discovered that these awesome animals existed while watching Pets 101. I love that show. They always have awesome animals on there and when I saw the Capybara, I knew I wanted one. They are native to South America, so sadly I think you would have to pay a small fortune to get one to South Africa, but I can dream.
Capybara in car.
Capybaras are just like us, they drink martinis and smoke cigars. 
5 things you didn’t know about Capybaras 
but after reading this list will
1. It is the largest living rodent in the world. 
2. On a disgusting note, this rodent is coprophagous, which is a big word that simply means that it eats its own feces. But don’t judge just yet, it is out of necessity in order to aid in the digestion of cellulose in their grassy diets. 
3.  They are excellent swimmers and divers. If they sense danger, they will dive into the water and hide, and they can stay underwater for five minutes. 
4. The capybara has been the object of some interest as a donor for organ transplants into humans (Jan and March 1994 Lancet). 
5. They are considered a delicacy and some look like Rafael Nadal. 
Capybaras that look like Rafael Nadal. 
Its a real thing. Just go here to see more. Uncanny. 
And finally capybara paraphernalia. 
I want this capybara brooch. It is the coolest brooch ever! It can be friends with my rabbit brooch. This amazing capy brooch comes in green or red and is made by the very talented Made by White.
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