Awesome Animal: Guinea Pig

Ever since I was 16 I wanted my very own guinea. My mom always said no. At 24 I finally decided that I was old enough to get my own. I was umming and arrring about getting one and on the way back from a concert on the beach, my BFF and I decided to stop at a pet shop. It was late and the pet shop was almost closing. (Stores close at like 11pm in Taiwan) And that is when I saw my guinea. He was the only one in the cage, all curled up in a ball. I had to have him. So I bought a cage, food and a guinea pig. Then we got on the MRT (subway) and headed home. Quite a few people were headed home after the concert and my BFF, Fi rightly commented that “It looks like we got trashed and decided to get a guinea pig”. Everyone on the MRT was keen to see what we had in the box. I named him Xiao Guai (小乖)
Xiao Guai is now on the Youtube machine. 

 A few weeks ago my friend Matt decided he too wanted a guinea. So we went on a guinea pig hunt. Surprisingly it was quite difficult to find baby guinea pigs. We did find a grown up guinea pig and they let me hold him in the pet shop. He had some pretty metro hair but was so lovable. If I wasn’t allergic to my guinea pig I would be buying him. 

Check out the hair on this guinea.

After searching for a few weeks, he found the perfect guinea pig. This one was so chilled when you held her and just so friendly. On day one she had already ran up her ramp and started to understand the concept of being toilet trained. (This is pretty difficult to do with guinea pigs).

Introducing…. Panda
This is Panda. You can see more pics on Instagram
So now I have a guinea pig and Matt has a guinea pig and this has lead to The Guinea Wars. So which guinea pig do you think is the coolest?

 Be sure to follow @wildeducation as on Monday they will be having their #petday and they will be talking about Guinea Pigs.

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