Good to Eat at: The Throbbing Strawberry

A while ago my BFF came to visit and we decided that we wanted to go for breakfast. The Throbbing Strawberry is always full and we had only heard rave reviews. The breakfast was amazing. I had a most delicious omlette and my bestie, Fi,  had the bacon, strawberry and marscapone cheese flap jacks. Sounds weird right? But it was apparently delicious. I would have eaten it too, but I don’t eat our piggy friends.

On Friday we decided to try out their dinner menu. I would recommend making a reservation (011 704 6982 ) as they are usually pretty busy and judging by the food it is not hard to see why. They have a rather impressive drinks menu and although we chose vino, the Leopard’s Leap Sauvignon Blanc which has a lovely fruity palette,  their cocktail menu looked pretty tasty. Fanta Grape and Sprite Zero also graced the table with their presence. They were also delicious.

Here is what we ordered. My mom got the Thai Curry but said that I could make a better one. (Of course I can and thanks Mom), my sibling Hil tried out the Calamari and when it arrived we all wanted to take one of her fries as they looked amazing, her boyfriend Miles went for a pasta dish that even the waiter had a hard time figuring out what it was, but nevertheless it was good, my friend Matt ordered the Pepperoni Pizza and although delicious by the end of the meal he had piled up enough basil leaves on his side plate to go home and make enough pesto for a family of four. Seriously fresh herbs are amazing, but having an entire herb garden’s worth on your plate…not so much. I had the Beef, Strawberry and Rocket pizza. Again they were a bit heavy handed on the rocket, but it was one of the best things I have eaten in a while.

To end off the evening my sibling and I had the Chocolate Fondant which takes 30 minutes to prepare but is well worth the wait. Matt had a vanilla milkshake, Miles went with a cuppacino and my mom had an Irish Coffee. All in all delicious food and a great atmosphere.

There is enough on The Throbbing Strawberry’s menu to please almost anyone and their knack for combining unusual ingredients makes it all the more better. And if you go with a good group of people, even better.

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