Vay-kay-shun 2011

This vaykayshun I…
1. Went to Uvongo in Durban. It rained the entire time except for Christmas Day, so before our five course lunch my sibling and I headed down to the beach to catch some sun. We caught it good. While dining on our delicious food, we were turning a brighter shade of rouge. When the sun was not shining, we went shopping. We found this awesome Christmas Market and I purchased a rabbit brooch.
2. I also purchased my first piece of art. It’s signed by the artist. I think you could try this at home. Plaster of Paris, Charcoal and some Oil Paint. I once read a definition of modern art which went like this “I could do that + Yeah, but you didn’t = modern art”.

3. For me no holiday is complete without some reading. Both of the novels I chose to read have been made into movies. The first, Submarine, is a Catcher in the Rye type book, but I thought that the teen here was more messed up, which made for an entertaining read. The second, The Help, is one of those books I had no interest in reading, until I picked it up to see what it was about. I finished it in two days. It was that good.

4. Christmas time is awesome because you get to eat delicious treats that only come round once a year, like mince pies and my personal favourite, Christmas Cake. But this year I discovered my two favourite things combined into one delicious dessert: Christmas Cake Ice Cream. I first tried this little piece of heaven in Howick at the Corner Post. I also ate Christmas Pudding and found out while I was eating it what suet means. My family was beside themselves in fits of laughter, while I continued to eat the pudding. It was only when my sibling said “You don’t know what suet is do you?” that I realized it was something I wouldn’t usually eat. Suet is raw beef or mutton fat, usually from around the loins of kidneys. Nom, nom, nom.

5. What would a holiday be without some drinking? This year we discovered Rose and Lemonade. As my Nan said “It’s a great drink. You can drink it throughout the day and not get drunk.” Nuff Said.

6. Before leaving for Durban, I decided to embrace one of my past times and do some light crafting. I made my BFF this sloth. His name is Maurice and he is a three-toed sloth. He is on his way to Melbourne now.

7. We also went to a game reserve and saw some rhino. I have never been so close to them before in the wild. This place also happens to be run by a community. It is also the infamous reserve that sold a rhino for R900 000 to be hunted.

And that was my vaykayshun for 2011.

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