Ever since I moved into a big Asian city that consists mainly of high rise buildings and worked hours that started when the sun rose and ended when the moon came up, I became obsessed with the moon. I lived in one of the high rise buildings sans a balcony so nature was far and few between. On my walk home from work at night, nothing would make me feel more content than looking up at the sky and seeing the moon. At first it would make me feel closer to home, then it brought a sense of calm among the traffic. I then moved into another high rise building but this one had a view of Taipei 101. The lights from 101 and the moon said so much about Taipei: a mixture of modernity and ancient customs. The Chinese celebrate a festival called The Moon Festival and you can learn more about it here. There are a few legends, but my favorite is the one about the rabbit who decides to sacrifice himself when he has no food to offer three sages. The sages are so touched that they let the rabbit live in The Moon. Have you ever seen the rabbit in the moon? Look here. Have you ever seen a red moon? I saw one once in Mozambique. It was the biggest I have ever seen. It looked as though it was touching the horizon. For more info on red moons, check out this blog. Finally here is some moon inspired tunage: Northern Downpour by Panic at the Disco and Rancid’s Red Hot Moon.

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